Will a High Pitch Sound Deterrent Work Against Opossums?

High pitch sound will not deter New York opossum therefore you have to come up with other techniques that will help get rid of them. In other words repellents will never keep Albany opossums away from your yard.

Deterrents that will keep them away
Exclusion fences is one of the best techniques that you can use to keep these irritating New York animals away; the fences will prevent them from climbing, crawling and even digging into the ground and getting into your compound. In fact with the correct installation, you will never face this problem. The high ;pitched noises on the other hand will attract the Albany animals to your yard,; with the noise they will be positive that there is existence of humans and with humans around, they are likely to get the food that that they need. They will therefore be in your compound befp0re even you know it.

You can also use traps and this will prevent them from getting into your compound; it is also relevant to use different traps and ensure that you; place them in different places within the compound. Once they realize that they can never cross over to your yard, they will have no choice but to look for another yard where there are no restrictions. It is also proper to use different types of traps like the cage traps, the leg traps and other traps that are likely to capture the animals once they attempt to get into your property. Loud voices will only scare the New York animals and when they get used to the noise they will invade your yard without knowing.

If they get into the house, you have to come up with the best options that will you get rid of them without any difficulties, you can therefore use snare poles if they are in the walls, you cause your hands if they are baby Albany opossums but you have to ensure that you have your gloves on when carrying out the task. There are also adverse techniques that you can put in place and they will help you quickly get rid of these animals; the kill traps, they will capture the opossum and the end result is that they instantly kill. It is important to know their existence but you should avoid using them because it is very inhumane to get rid of a living creature and it is also against the New York law.

Deterring New York opossums away from your home is better especially if you are using techniques that will yield positive results. Do not waste your time setting up high pitched noises at night because the noises will only prevent you from having a good night sleep.

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