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Do Opossums Make Good Pets?

In a number of situations people find it very much difficult to deal with situations where they find New York opossums that have been orphaned. You can even consider raising these orphaned animals in the form of cute pet animals, but at the same time it is very much important that you should check the laws, which have been defined by your state in this regard. You should help them in surviving, but once the animal gets old enough to live on its own, then best choice is to leave it in wild. These are generally known as wild animals that are not known as being too much happy inside the human captivity. In case you are thinking about turning Albany opossums into a decent pet, then this task will surely impose some tougher and strict demands.

There are a number of factors which are important and you must take care of them while having the Albany animal in the form of a pet. In this section, our main focus will be upon these particular topics so that readers can get a better understanding of matters. You will need first of all wild life rehabilitation permit from the native state. In accordance with the area where you reside you may require one or two volunteers with New York wildlife rehabilitators as they will help you in earning the permit. It should be kept in mind that once the animals reach a mature stage of age you will have to release them anyway.

Requirements related with diet
Omnivorous New York opossum eats a broad variety of foods and it can have the inclusion of plants, grass and fruits along with garden pests, snails as well as insects. Rats, mice as well as other animals can also act as a good dinner for them. They also don't hesitate in consuming dog food as well. In all conditions dietary requirement of Albany animal should be fulfilled otherwise metabolic bone disease will result and its treatment is also very much expensive.

It has been noticed that these New York animals sadly come with shorter life spans that is normally three years or lesser in wild. When held in captivity these can survive for longer time periods or in simple words life expectancy is increased. But here the ways of keeper and treatment which is being provided to the animal also plays a central role. In many situations it has also been noticed that because of captivity stress the animal get into a depressed state where death results ultimately. If this happens then for you it will be very much painful to handle.

Problems related with health
Numerous parasites are associated with them which can cause serious kinds of diseases as well as death. Especially females are very much exposed to urinary tract as well as genital infections. Those who are held captive normally have weaker immune systems and are more exposed to bacterial illnesses. In many situations it has been noticed that vets don't have the experience and you face loss in the form of New York animal's death.

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