How to Get Rid of Skunks

Getting rid of the New York skunks is a widely famous topic and you will find thousands of articles online about them. Due to the intolerable smell they spread around makes people hate the skunks. In addition to that they can carry the fleas on them which may cause you to fell sick. All these reasons makes the people hate the Albany skunks and want to kick them out of the attic.

However New York skunks cause the variety of the problems but they can be repelled by some easy to use repellents. There are some repellents that you can use which are easily available in the market. Most of the repellents you will get in the market will contain the chemicals which are not anymore nature friendly. These chemicals can lead to weird and unwanted results. This includes the problems that your pets and kids will experience after smelling or tasting them.

Getting rid of Albany skunks is may be not an easy task. But it can be done using some easy and nature friendly ways. This includes the use of natural and nature-friendly repellents. As a specific solution to the skunk repelling is using the intense light at the frequent places where the skunks visit often. Skunks not only hate the intense but also they don't like to sit near it. This can lead them to get out the attic and move to a place far from there. There are some other options like using the motion activated sprinklers which sprays water whenever they notice any motion around. This will not only offer you the best solution to keep the New York skunks out of your lawn but also offer a safe way to avoid other wild animals. Then there is option of using the natural strong scented repellents such as pepper, chili and garlic. You can either choose to spray these on the nests of the skunks or mixing in the food they choose to eat.

Nature made solutions are often preferred. If you want a permanent solution to the New York skunk problem you should think about trapping them. However there are traps which you should avoid. Such traps often either kill the skunks or clamp out there organs such as their feet and tails. This is cruel and not recommended. You can use the more nature-friendly way of live- capturing and then releasing them into the wild.

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