Should I Feed a Baby Raccoon I Found?

Many people have found baby Albany raccoons in the attic all alone or by the roadside and they do not know what to do. You need not to worry since you can save the baby raccoon and give it a second chance. In most cases the baby raccoon is abandoned when:
- The mother is dead
- The baby raccoon is weak to move
- The mother New York raccoon lost or forgot way to the den

These are core factors, which will lead the baby New York raccoon to stay alone. However, you can step in with the aim of giving a helping hand and this shall enable you to save the raccoon. You can start by feeding it, and ensuring it is warm, and connect with Albany rescue shelters and rehabilitators to know the way forward.

Rehydration solution
The Albany raccoon needs and emergency rehydration solution. This is because it lacks the essential in the system and it is weak. Many people make the mistake of starting to feed it with milk, and this shall harm the lungs, leading the diarrhea and coughing, eventually leading to the death. However, with the rehydration solution, which composed of sugar, water, and salt, the body shall balance and is able to take other foods.

Milk replacement formula
There are different milk formulas you can purchase and they are suitable for the baby New York raccoon. You can also take milk, and mix it with water and start to feed the baby Albany raccoon. Raccoons are known to feed regularly, and this means you should have volumes of the replacement formula on standby.

Keep the raccoon warm
When it comes to keeping the Albany raccoon in good shape, you need to make sure it is warm. Most baby New York raccoons die because of cold weather when left out in the cold. When you rescue them, ensure you cover them with a blanket to keep them warm as they adapt to the weather conditions.

Seek advice and research to avoid feeding it the wrong foods
It seems hard for many people to take good care of a baby raccoon. You have the chance of saving this orphan but in many cases, you find people will ignore and leave them out in the cold to die. You can seek professional assistance from Albany rehabilitators and rescue centers, as they shall come to pick the baby raccoon. It is advisable to contact the necessary authorities when you rescue a baby New York raccoon.

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